Day and Night strategy to save energy



Solar canopy fulfills many proper functions of BaityKool’s bioclimatic strategy. Like treetops housing the home, our solar canopy protects our vegetal heart from Dubai’s intense direct sunlight. Shade is provided by bi-glasses solar panels, which guarantee enough light to provide a great luminous comfort while reducing heat sensation in the patio. 


This solar canopy produces our whole electricity thanks to innovative cells whose patterns are optimized to capture and route solar energy as efficiently as possible. These cells are “biomimetic” because they take inspiration from the phenomenon of photosynthesis during which leaves collect energy. Our photovoltaic modules combine aesthetic and energy efficiency. We also have solar panels in our house facades to obtain constant electricity production from sunrise to sunset.



A second innovation comes from the supporting structure of our photovoltaic panels, made of laminated wood and carbon. The wood gives inertia to the structure while carbon confers more rigidity (10 meters range). As a result, we forecast to halve the beam section that support our solar panels. These theoretical calculations have already been confirmed on a 3 meters laminated wood carbon beam.

The solar canopy is a concentrate of novelties reflecting our ambitions in terms of architectural integration, energy efficiency and innovation .



Our solar canopy also participates to natural ventilation at night. Indeed, the entrance of our house will be exposed to the North from where is coming the prevailing wind in Dubai. This wind will rush into the patio and evacuate the heat stored in the patio during the night. At night, the canopy moves and sits on the roof to the south, thanks to an ingenious guide system. This bioclimatic strategy boosts a tunnel effect that allows us to do without air conditioning.

Overnight ventilation allows us to evacuate the heat accumulated by electrical equipment and occupants during the day. Our patio, thanks to an evapotranspiration effect, increases the degree of air humidity. This cooler air will evacuate the heat more easily. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to cool. The various characteristics of our «shell» materials take over to preserve and restore during the day the natural freshness accumulated at night.

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