One of the project's innovations is the use of a well-known material but whose properties are constantly being improved. Ultra-high performance fiber concrete is, as its name suggests, an innovative concrete with better efficiency than conventional concrete. Despite a lower thickness, its properties are multiplied, which allows infinite aesthetic options. The peculiarity of these facades is the ease and speed of implementation. They are designed in 3 sizes seperated by strips of photovoltaic panels, which makes them duplicable and makes their assembly easier and faster.



The Middle East is known for its subtropical desert climate, with very pleasant warm winters, and very hot summers, in which the combination of temperature and variable humidity makes the heat really oppressive. Because of this climate, we thought about a composite wall made up of several layers. This composition allows good insulation for the house’s interior and good comfort temperature.

The main focus while choosing these materials for our project is the thermal aspect of the materials, in order to provide the inhabitants with the best comfort. The thermal efficiency of the house also reduces its energy consumption, making it eco-friendly energy wise.

The double skin of our multi-layer wall is a system that allows us to reach a thermal comfort thanks to the buffer zone that it creates. It is completed by a reflective film that acts as a vapor barrier, sticked on the external facades on the building. It reflects solar rays and reduce the quantity of heat that gets inside the house.

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