BaityKool is a prototype of dwelling which will compete for the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018, in November 2018 in Dubai. This competition gathers many teams composed of students from various universities all over the world.
The project aims to design, implement and test a prototype of 80m2 adapted to the Middle-East climate.
Our dwelling is designed in "U" shape, with a mineral aspect outside and a vegetal aspect inside.

We wish to display a proposal of a coliving and coworking house at the same time with a lot of innovations, and fully adapted to such a hot climate like in Dubai.  

on SDME2018



Efficient architecture

Design to protect our green living heart from outdoor warm climate. In respect with traditionnal ways of living of UAE. 


Energy Strategy

Day and Night Strategy allow us to use natural elements to save energy.


Water Reuse

Water is a precious element for Middle East. We have a close water cycle in our house to save and reuse water. 


Building within the city, within density

We propose to use our Baitykool prototype as a duplicable unit to create a common interest community based on knowledge-economy.

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