This filtered water gets to be reused for vegetables and local plants, which are situated on the pergola, on the side walls of the patio and on the roof. Different aspects have been taken into account to choose the right plants. First, we selected local plants as they are the most suitable ones for the climate. Secondly, we chose plants that do not have important water needs as well as succulents for the roof, given their exposure to harsh conditions, while we chose climbing plants that need water for the walls and the pergola. This way they release water in the air and refresh it thus creating a microclimate.

The roof shape itself is thought to take advantage of each plants’ features. With the stair-step shaped roof, the upper exterior plants protect the lower interior ones.



Concerning the roof’s irrigation, we use the innovative Vertige’s device. It is composed of leaky pipes located on retention mats. They settle at high-height reducing both evaporation loss and gravitation one. This concept has been provided by the company Epiphyte. The whole is linked with a smart automatic watering network connected to a weather station in real time. It protects the waterproofing and has an autonomous integrated watering system with a sub-irrigation one allowing a controlled consumption.

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